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Interior Floor Paint

interior floor paint

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interior floor paint - 50 Ways

50 Ways to Paint Ceilings and Floors: The Easy Step-by-Step Way to Decorator Looks (50 Ways Series)

50 Ways to Paint Ceilings and Floors: The Easy Step-by-Step Way to Decorator Looks (50 Ways Series)

Home Beauty for Underfoot & Overhead
This third book in the 50 Ways series presents a whole new set of projects for creating beautifully decorated surfaces around your home-this time it's the floors and ceilings that are in for a treat. Using ordinary paint and decorative tools, as well as prefabricated moldings and paneling, readers will be able to turn floors and ceilings into amazing works of decor.
From Venetian Plaster to Stenciled Stars and Applied Motifs, you'll find a trove of floor and ceiling painting techniques you never imagined would be possible, let alone so easy. Faux Drapery, Bead Board, Floor Cloth, Wood Floors, Tile & Stone, Linoleum and even Cement Floors round out just 10 of the 50 ways.
Materials for these projects are widely available at craft stores and home improvement centers nationwide, and with a wide range of project styles to choose from, this book will be a must-have source of inspiration and information for every homeowners.

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Interior Painting, Kitchen Remodeling, and Stucco Repairs - (702) 900-8617

Interior Painting, Kitchen Remodeling, and Stucco Repairs - (702) 900-8617

Transform your home or office with renovations and remodeling services from H & M Unlimited Inc.. From painting to plumbing, our residential and commercial remodeling specialists offer the services you need for construction projects of all sizes. Call our residential and commercial remodeling team in Las Vegas, Nevada, at
(702) 523-0117 for interior painting and kitchen remodeling services.

Same-Day Service-
H & M Unlimited Inc. is proud to offer same-day service on most handyman repair calls. We know that plumbing, electrical, and other construction emergencies simply can’t be left to linger, so call us at (702) 523-0117 for immediate service.

Insurance Claims-
Let us handle repair work covered by your insurance claim. H&M Unlimited Inc. works with major insurance carriers and has been providing timely, reliable repairs for more than 10 years.
Contact us at (702) 523-0117 for prompt, friendly attention for your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project.

Hands-on Home & Office Remodeling-
From initial design conception to the completion of your remodeling project, our team guides you through the process every step of the way. Our owners, Gary Bickford, and Hector Monrique are always available to provide guidance for your project from start to finish.

Four Decades of Remodeling Experience-
At H & M Unlimited Inc., quality home remodeling is a long-standing tradition that has been handed down our family line for generations. We have been proudly serving the Las Vegas region since 1998, and our team has 40 years of combined experience in the remodeling and renovation industry.

Interior Stuff

Interior Stuff

These are all the interior colours. Clockwise from the upper left, the carpet, cabinets, tile (regular and bathroom), paint colour (in the middle), bathroom linoleum, hardwood floor, and the countertops are in the middle.

**UPDATE: We got rid of the lino, the flooring in the bathrooms will now be the tile shown at the top of the picture.

interior floor paint

interior floor paint

Decorative Painting Techniques for Walls, Floors, Ceilings & Furniture

150 Ways to Paint offers concise illustrated instructions on the most employed painting techniques for the most important parts of the home: walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. These are the techniques that create instant impact. There is the well-known sponge painting, color washing, wood graining, and age distressing amongst other faux styles—all of which are simple to learn using this book. These techniques are essential for any faux painter that hopes to graduate to more complex, involved paint designs for spectacular home decor.

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