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Floor Tech Jobs

floor tech jobs

  • A level area or space used or designed for a particular activity

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floor tech jobs - DC Aravis

DC Aravis Tall Tech T-Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's White, M

DC Aravis Tall Tech T-Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's White, M

DC's Aravis T-Shirt mops up moisture so the sweat on your skin won't freeze when you decide to hop on your skateboard. Wear this performance tall tee alone in mild weather, or layer it underneath your favorite souvenir hoody when things turn brutally chilly. You know the hoody; the one from that Halloween costume parade you crashed back in '86.

Product Features
Material: 96% polyester, 4% spandex
Fit: slim and tall
Center Back Length:
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: layering, working out
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

75% (19)

I Did Everything By The Book

I Did Everything By The Book

I did everything by the book. I worked at Bell Atlantic in the Global Wireless Internal Audit Group, made up of only CPAs including at least a dozen gentlemen and 1-3 women in the group. It was a very elite group of Internal Auditors, with the standard of being the best who could read work stuff (financial statements/operational data/workpapers) on a plane overnight and be up to speed on the company by the next morning the plane landed in a country outside of the USA. It was a professional fast track to directorship and officer levels by traveling globally for 18 months at the direction of the audit plan with the promise of a director position if you could “make it through”. After two years of this, a merger, and for personal reasons there was opportunity for me to take a position that promised less travel and more civility; as I did not want to be in the workforce much longer.

The opportunity was to assist a new VP of Corporate Audit in professionalizing an internal audit department of a $ 3 billion or so in revenue per annum publicly traded company. I was told the company was looking to take their internal audit to the next level. The pay increase was somewhat worthy of consideration. None of the group members had a CPA or other designated Internal Audit credential, I was the only one. I was told a typical monthly schedule for me would include: 1.) travel to sites for a few days to review work papers, 2.) resource allocation/guidance, 3.) assistance to the VP with the audit plan, 4.) presentations/meeting with committees, and 5.) quality review. I was also told I would have an office; which was necessary. The organization was to pay for me to finish my Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania, and had requested information about the program and a writing sample prior to the offer. I thought I may not even be there a 1/4 of the year, as my boyfriend was working on getting back to the USA from working abroad (not his choice of course-working outside of the USA, company/work stuff) as a President of a significant region of a Fortune 100 tech firm, and we had plans which did not include me working. It was supposed to be a "nice transition", without being badgered by various parties about my life.

It should have been...a piece of cake.

I was to start during the summer months (which was bad enough, the nonsense was ruining my summer), and was contacted very close to the start date by the VP Internal Audit. She was calling because things had “changed”, that she had been promoted to CIO (Chief Information Officer), and that I now would be reporting directly to the CFO and with this brought opportunity. Essentially, that I was the top person of the group. I listened to the rest of the words, and than closed the conversation with professionalism. As soon as I got off the phone, I was very concerned and felt this was unprofessional as there was no mention of more pay. I felt the Company’s treatment of a young woman was unfair, and unprofessional.

Well, I was ready to leave the job before I even started with that type of tactics. I appreciated the opportunity, however when I started there I was told the department had moved floors and that I would be temporarily in a cubicle. I never received my office! I was also told to create an internal audit plan and run the group and immediately started regular meetings with the group members (I was called “Queen of Audit”), told to go to Rio De Janeiro (which was scary and had health implications) by myself within the first 30 days-later told it was not necessary. Perplexed by this, I wrote a letter that I required a greater explicit authority/ title (with this more merit pay implied); as I was not getting what I was promised and the merit I deserved. I was told …thank you for the letter and that it would be shared with a committee. I thought great, this is supposed to be professional and fair, as I performed the skills at the CAE Level/ VP (regardless of my future plans) and basic skilled management rewards this with the title/merit, so what if I was only 28!! Instead I got a $5,000 pay raise and a bump into the next pay category without explanation. This might be great if you don’t have the skills; but as I told the “executive recruiter”, my skills were worthy of more than the CFO level when I took the job and with that comes a certain level of pay.

I was than directed to spend weeks / weekends at a “maquiladora” (a manufacturing facility over the border from the USA in a special trade zone) in Mexico to assist a male subordinate performing a Manufacturing audit, (whilst the Comprehensive audit plan I constructed was presented at a BOD meeting without my knowledge). I told Elio about this and he wanted me out of there immediately, and we just made the best of it for years until I could get my head above water from these type of tactics-that can literally disable a smart person with the inhumanity. Me, i

mecha mecca

mecha mecca

Welcome to Pantip plaza, it's pretty much become a family tradition for dad and I to pay a visit to this bit of tech heaven to check out the latest and greatest computer parts and build something for fun, either for us for for someone else.

5 Floors of nothing but computer hardware and software stores just crammed with everything you can think of, chock a block, shoulder to shoulder.
Nothing but tech, well...there is the food court on the mezzanine (after all we are in Thailand folks, food is paramount) but don't stick out your elbows too far you might hit your arm against a cabinet full of RAM.

As of late there have been a bunch of camera stores cropping up here too what with digi cams being so prevalent now. The more the merrier I say...this is g33k bli$$.

My first summer job was spent here, this was back in high school, i had the best job ever. I got paid to demo games for people, they had a big screen installed facing the corridors and hooked up to the computers I was using inside... The store never made any money because we were the only ones selling legit apps at the time.

floor tech jobs

floor tech jobs

Tara and the Tech (Sexy Nerd Stories)

Tara is bored with work and life. Her work computer is out, again, and she has to call for tech support. She requests her favorite tech nerd, Bernie to be the one to fix her computer this time. Once he’s under her desk, she spreads her legs wide and shows him that she’s wearing nothing under her dress, and casually invites him to do whatever he’d like. Will he report her for sexual harassment, or just enjoy the situation?

Tara is bored with work and life. Her work computer is out, again, and she has to call for tech support. She requests her favorite tech nerd, Bernie to be the one to fix her computer this time. Once he’s under her desk, she spreads her legs wide and shows him that she’s wearing nothing under her dress, and casually invites him to do whatever he’d like. Will he report her for sexual harassment, or just enjoy the situation?

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